Shoe Covers Houston, Texas | Reusable Washable Shoe and Boot Covers

Do you have a job where you enter your customer's homes or businesses in the Houston, Texas area? Looking for a way to ensure no damage, scuffs, or mess is left behind? Consider Pro Shoe Covers!

About Our Shoe & Boot Covers

Pro Shoe Covers are constructed with a premium nylon material. This same material is used to manufacture such items as luggage, tarps, and backpacks. The fabric is strong and permanently sealed with a finish that offers a moisture barrier so you do not leave wet or dirty tracks. The sole is made from a rugged, waterproof, non-slip material. They look professional and your clients in Houston, Texas will be impressed when you slip them on prior to entering their homes.

Life Expectancy:

Shoe Covers Houston, Texas | Reusable Washable Shoe and Boot CoversPro Shoe Covers are easy to care for and have a long life expectancy, usually between 6 and 9 months. Our shoe covers are double stitched and reinforced to ensure a long life.

Made in the USA

  • Superior Traction for Safety
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable Construction
  • Moisture Barrier — No Wet or Dirty Tracks
  • Laboratory Tested — ASTM Safety Rated
  • Available in Black or Royal Blue
  • Available in Four Sizes to Ensure a Proper Fit

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Laboratory Tested - ASTM Safety Rated

  • Pro Shoe Covers' non-skid abilities were tested and rated high on the safety scale.
  • Scores exceeded OSHA's recommended level by 175%
  • Pro Shoe Covers were tested and received a combined SCOF of 1.375, which is 2.75 times the OSHA standard.

Shoe Covers Houston, Texas | Reusable Washable Shoe and Boot Covers

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