If your job brings you into the homes and businesses of your customers, taking the extra step in protecting their flooring from tracked in dirt or scratching can be a big step in setting you above your competition. While they might not say it, you can be sure your customers are watching every step you take in keeping their property looking as good as it did before you arrived.

Pro Shoe Covers are an affordable way to avoid costly property damage that can potentially make you lose a customer. They are the number one choice among professional contractors because of our quality materials and affordable pricing.

Why Pro Shoe Covers?

We construct Pro Shoe Covers with a premium nylon material -- the same material used to manufacture such items as luggage, tarps, and backpacks. The fabric is extremely durable and permanently sealed with a finish that offers a moisture barrier that will not leave wet or dirty tracks. The sole is made from a rugged, waterproof, non-slip material.

We are obsessed with the quality of our shoe covers. In fact, when they were tested, they exceeded OSHA's recommended level by 175 percent! Whether you order one pair or buy them by the dozen, we are so confident in our products that we offer a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Our Customers Come From a Wide Range of Industries.

  • Air Conditioning Repair Companies
  • Alarm Installation Companies
  • Appliance Delivery Companies
  • Cable Television Installers
  • Carpet Cleaning Companies
  • Deliverymen
  • Electricians
  • Furniture Delivery Companies
  • Heating Repair Companies
  • Home Builders
  • Home Contractors
  • Home Inspectors
  • Internet Installation Companies
  • Maid Services
  • Moving Companies
  • Pest Control Services
  • Plumbers
  • Window Washers

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