"We originally turned to Pro Shoe Covers to help improve the image of our technicians doing home services. The shoe covers definitely did that, but there was the added and unplanned bonus of saving money. Our Pro Shoe Covers last a long time, so we do not have to buy disposable covers that also add to waste in landfills. Turnaround times are quick. Customer service awesome. Other plus is they are Made in the USA. Pro Shoe Covers has a great product and provides us with great service. We are a repeat customer and will continue to buy from them."
-Brett L.
 My Pest Pros

"I own a painting company in Oregon and work on mainly custom beach front homes. Pro Shoe Covers are the best in the business. I ordered 5 new pairs and they were at my door 2 days later with free shipping - Impossible to beat that! You guys are AWESOME! Carry on." -Tim F.

"We have replaced all disposable shoe covers with Pro Shoe Covers for our electrical service department with great success. They are easy to slip on/off and extremely durable. The yearly cost savings make this purchase a no-brainer." -Carolyn H.

"Our manager discovered Pro Shoe Covers at a convention and we have been using them ever since. The soles are very slip resistant and our technicians say they forget they are even wearing them. Our orders arrive in 2 to 3 days and everything is always in stock." -Michael S.

"We began searching for an alternative shoe cover when an employee slipped and hurt himself while wearing disposable shoe covers. The switch to Pro Shoe Covers was made over a year ago and we are very pleased with the traction and quality. Thank you Pro Shoe Covers." -Jason R.

"We have been using Pro Shoe Covers for three years and are so glad we made the change. Our technicians get about 9 to 10 months out of each pair and it has saved our company a large sum of money." -Chandler A.

"My Pro Shoe Covers recently saved me a bunch of headache and probably a big bill cleaning up an unfinished, newly installed maple wood floor! I had unknowingly stepped in a puddle of spilled canary yellow oil based paint. I wore my shoe covers as I endeavor to always do, when I got out to my truck and took off my shoe covers I discovered the paint inside the shoe covers and on the bottom of my shoe. I was so relieved and thankful I had wore them!! - Ti S.

If I were not already a loyal customer and advocate of tough, durable Pro Shoe Covers I would be now! Thanks." - Andrew D.

"Good customer service is so hard to find these days, but with your company it seems to be the norm. Our employees look very professional in your shoe covers and with the variety of sizes everyone gets a perfect fit. Our customers constantly make comments about our shoe covers and we are happy to tell them about Pro Shoe Covers." -Lisa K.

"Thank you for being so committed to manufacturing such well-made shoe covers. We have never had any issues in the three years we have been using Pro Shoe Covers. We recommend your product any chance we get." -Daniel M.

"I have a lot of trouble getting disposable shoe covers over my boots; they rip and the elastic breaks. Your shoe covers fit easily on my boots and sneakers without being too loose. My clients definitely appreciate the care it shows when you cover your shoes in their home. Thank you for making my life a little easier." -Steven V.

"In my business I wear shoe covers every day. I get compliments regularly since switching to your shoe covers. These are simply over the top good. I would most certainly recommend these if you are looking for high quality, professional, sharp looking covers. I am really impressed with these shoe covers and the construction is solid." -Christian I.

"These are the best boot covers I have ever owned. While perusing the internet for booties I came upon your washable covers and decided to give them a try. I was delighted to discover that these are much more substantial than surgical booties and they support my green lifestyle by not contributing to the landfill. These boot covers are easy on and off. It's so nice to discover a product that exceeds my expectations. I will be spreading the word." -Jennifer K.

"I work in the construction industry and we enter our clients’ homes and it’s mandatory we wear shoe covers. Our company used to provide those blue surgeon booties you see in hospitals. They are so hard to get on and we have never liked them. I found Pro Shoe Covers online and bought and pair and took it to my manager. Last year our company began issuing Pro Shoe Covers to everyone. Yours are much easier to slide on, have a great grip on the bottom side and are extremely durable. They don’t leak so you don't have to worry about getting water on floors like the surgeon booties. Thanks so much and I’m glad I found your booties." -Dylan G.

"I own a carpet cleaning company and we used to go through hundreds of dollars worth of disposable shoe covers a month. Now all my guys wear your shoe covers. They are very durable and chemical resistant. We walk on carpet that has been sprayed with detergents, solvents and oxidizers and there is no noticeable wear or breakdown. Great purchase." -Dominic C.

"We have tried a lot of different types of shoe covers over the years and were never happy. They were either slippery or our wet shoes would soak through to our customer’s flooring. About two years ago we discovered Pro Shoe Covers and they have eliminated all of the problems we were having. They are holding up great and the savings is pretty substantial." -Brynn W.

"I work for a large Telephone company and enter many homes these shoe covers. They hold anything from mud to snow and never leak. My customers often ask where to get them for their personal use and I’m happy to direct them to your website. Great product and I will continue referring customers to you." -Zach S.

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